Siggno is:
Jesse Turner - First Vocals/Accordion
Danny Salinas -Second Vocals/Bajo Sexto
Joseph Scott - Bass
Juan Garza, Jr. - Drums
David Rosas - Congas
Rogelio Zavala - Animador/Ritmo

Whas Zappening!!

SIGGNO nominated for a Grammy!!
Crown Records would like to congratulate SIGGNO for their nomination of their CD titled "POR AMOR" in the 'Best Tejano Album' category for the Grammy Awards. The awards will be held on February 23rd, (Sunday) at the famous Madison Square Garden in New York City. CBS will televise the event starting at 8pm. Being nominated for a Grammy is in itself an accomplishment that most artists dream about. It has become reality for SIGGNO and Crown Records is proud to have such great artists who are still very much down-to earth. "To be nominated amongst Tejano legends and icons like Little Joe, Mingo Saldivar, David Lee Garza and Emilio Navaira is a real honor", says Jesse Turner. "I was on cloud nine all day long when I found out about the nomination but I know that it is really the fans out there that start this dream by requesting the music and going to our concerts". "To the radio station and DJs I also give them my thanks because they are the ones that put the music out there for the fans to hear in the first place." Visit the Grammy's webiste, for more info. Click here to congratulate Jesse Turner yourself.

Jesse Turner had also garnished two Valley Choice Awards on December 12th at the Villarreal Convention Center in McAllen, Texas. Jesse was honored with the Male Vocalist and Male Entertainer of the Year Awards.

Conjunto Oro and Siggno are scheduled to appear at the Annual KICK FM Fan Fair in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. They'll be at Billy Bob's in Fort Worth starting at 4:00 pm. Many top notch artists will be there like Siggno, Emilio, Little Joe, Duelo and many more. There will be some suprise treats for the crowd that evening so tune in to KICK Radio Station or visit their website for more details..

Siggno's next single "Es Que Te Quiero" is making its way up the charts. With strong responses at several radio stations, this new song is branding many hearts with it's strong message and powerful but smooth ryhthm. Check out some of these songs, including "Es Que Te Quiero", by clicking here to hear for yourself!!

Siggno is also set to perform on Thursday, Feb 27th at Graham Central Station in Pharr, Texas at the annual TTMA Kick-off Party. Mazz and Duelo are also slated to perform. Siggno has been nominated in several categories this year. More updates are being brought to your this week so keep checking for all the news.

Here's what some of today's hottest Tejano stations are saying about their new CD "POR AMOR":

"Siggno is once again kicking butt and taking names.."
Mando San Roman, KKPS Que Pasa 99.5, McAllen

"Este CD esta chingon...."
Pancho Pistolas, KICK FM 99.1, Dallas



"The whole CD is a hit!"
Belinda Guerra, KJBZ-Z93, Laredo

" sure to bring people closer to Siggno"
Andrew Pulido, KKLB 92.5, Austin

"It's about #% time!! Ever since their first release I wanted's tremendous!!
Johnny O, KLHB 98.3, Corpus Christi

"It's hard to pick that one hit your're looking for when they're all good."
Ricardo "Guero" Davila, KEDA Radio Jalapeno, San Antonio

The CD itself is a first of a kind for Siggno. It's a multimedia CD that contains a video of one of their #1 hits, "Esta Lloviendo", a screensaver and a wallpaper for your computer. The insert folds out into a 14 x 9 1/2" mini-poster of the guys and is laden with lyrics on the other side. Filled with exciting new and original music, Siggno is sure to touch your heart with their magic. From rancheras to guapangos to cumbias, this CD has it all!!

Grupo Siggno consists of 6 members who share a common dream of being able to share their music with the world. A bit of destiny and a lot of hard work have made this group of musicians one of the most popular and sought after bands in their area. All of Siggno's members were born and raised in the Rio Grande Valley. Most of their appearances have been in this area, but they have also represented the Valley in places such as Houston, Killeen, Austin, San Antonio and Mexico.

As a whole, Siggno was influenced by conjunto/norteņo gospel bands such as Los Tremendos Gallileos, Conjunto Bernal, and Los Alegres de Harlingen.

In February of 2000, Siggno started opening up for major bands and extended their local popularity. The band has now signed with Crown Records and has gotten one step closer to reaching their dream. This band's repertoire features a wide variety of original songs which have now been recorded and are ready to be shared with all listeners. The band's originality, energetic sound, and strong stage presence are sure to be pleasing to people of all ages. A taste of Grupo Siggno's music will have you hooked!

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Jesse Turner
First Vocals/Accordion

Ever since he was a boy, Jesse Turner, was playing on pots and pans. It was his fathers dream to see him perform in front of thousands of people. Unfortunately, by the time Jesse was nine years old, his father passed away. Leaving Jesse with mixed emotions, he began to look for hobbies to forget about the pain. He quickly learned how to play every conjunto instrument and presented his talent in church. Jesse toured with gospel bands until the age of 15 when a local band offered him a job performing at schools, weddings, and birthday parties. As he grew older he learned about what love, hate, and basically what every teenager feels. He wrote songs about how he felt and about his personal experiences in life. He never shared his songs with anybody because he was to afraid of criticism. As time went on, he learned how to sing and began to sing his songs on stage. The response was a good one, which gave him confidence to continue. Jesse also gained musical experience by playing drums with Ruben Vela and accordion with Grupo Intento. He is now the lead vocalist and accordion player for Siggno.

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Joel Castaneda
Second Vocals/Bajo

Joel Castaņeda was united with Joseph Scott and Jesse Turner were united by their parents at a small pentecostal church in Harlingen, Texas. It was there that the boys were given their first opportunity to play together. Joel was inspired by his father who plays bajo-sexto. Joel has a younger brother, Jacob Castaņeda, who plays drums with Siggno.

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Joseph Scott


Joseph was inspired by his mother, a vocalist. Joseph's younger brother, Richard Scott, plays guiro for Siggno.

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Jacob Castaneda


Jacob was inspired to play an instrument by his older brother, Joel, who plays Bajo for Siggno.

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Joey Lopez


Joey took a liking to music when he became friends with Jesse. He quickly picked up the accordion and on several percussion instruments.

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Richard Scott


Richard was inspired by his mother who was a vocalist.He was also inspired by his older brother, Joseph who plays bass for Siggno.

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Photos by Greg Spaulding

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